Why is Weight Gainer Protein Bad for Skinny Guys Trying to Build Muscle? 

Believe it or not, weight gainer (or mass gainer) protein is actually not a good supplement for skinny guys who are trying to gain weight, especially lean muscle mass. Given its name, it seems a little crazy to claim that “weight gainer” or “mass gainer” protein is not good for weight gaining purposes, doesn’t it? But bear with me as we discuss why it’s bad for you, and what supplement you should be taking instead for maximum muscle gains.

Fat Gains vs Lean Muscle Gains

Ever wonder why it’s so hard to build muscle but easy to gain belly fat?

I’ve had skinny guys ask me why they don’t seem to be able to put on muscle in the right places (chest, arms, back, etc.) but instead gain fat in the belly. When I ask them what kind of protein they’re taking, they answer their very own question: they’re taking weight gainer protein. If you’re one of these guys taking this type of supplement, stop wasting your money and stop sacrificing your results. That stuff doesn’t work. 

Here’s the thing: weight gainer protein is loaded with lots of sugar to act as a source of carbohydrates, an important macronutrient needed to “feed” the muscles with the protein. The problem with this is that you’re not supposed to be taking all of that extra sugar whenever you want to – it has to be during certain times to maximize muscle building. Weight gainer protein doesn’t give us the ability to control how much sugar we intake and when we intake it. That’s why lots of skinny guys are shocked when they take weight gainers but don’t see the results that they were expecting (or they see something even worse, like fat gains in the belly).

To be fair, weight gainer protein does cause an increase in weight, but not the type of weight you would hope for. You want to gain lean muscle mass, not fat in the midsection areas.

So What’s the Best Mass Gainer for Skinny Guys Who Are Trying to Build Muscle as Fast as Possible?

The best type of protein you can take to gain lean muscle mass is Whey Isolate. This is protein in its purest form, and contrary to what you might think, you do not need the extra junk that is included in a typical weight gainer protein. Aside from not containing all of the harmful junk, pure whey isolate also packs a much higher amount of protein with each scoop, meaning you don’t need to take so much at a time, unlike weight gainer protein that requires two massive scoops just to get the same amount of protein (not to mention how awful it tastes – seriously, how do people drink that stuff?!).

So what about the need for carbohydrates, you ask? Easy – simply mix your whey isolate protein with a fruit juice of your choice, and that will be more than enough for your carbohydrate needs. Not only is it better tasting, but also healthier and easily digested by the body, unlike weight gainer protein.

Using whey isolate protein, you have the ability to use it for any type of training results, including weight gaining goals. In other words, if you want to gain weight through lean muscle mass, whey isolate protein is your best bet as it is a clean and healthy source of protein for your body (unlike weight gainers).

Stick to all-natural whey isolate with no sucralose or other forms of sweeteners. Many protein powders contain a list of controversial additives including artificial sweeteners, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and fillers. Stay away from these as much as possible. Remember, you’re trying to build muscle, not junk for the sake of increasing weight.

I personally recommend un-flavoured whey isolate because I can easily mix it with any kind of juice I want (mostly strong tasting, red juices like grape, cranberry, raspberry, etc.) and in any smoothie I create. You can also go for flavoured, of course – that’s just a personal preference.

If you need to find a new protein, check out NAKED WHEY by Naked Nutrition. It’s a 100% grass fed whey protein sourced from California farms and it’s free of any unwanted junk and chemicals. Many studies have shown that grass-fed animal products contain higher amounts of nutrients, so why not feed your muscles with the best quality of protein you can get? It’s a little pricier than your average whey isolate, but you get what you pay for: a high quality, effective protein to build muscle fast. You will notice a difference in quality and results.

The best mass gainer for skinny guys is not weight gainer protein

Weight Gainer Protein vs. Whey Isolate Protein

Here are just some of the advantages of whey isolate protein versus weight gainer:

  1. Clean protein with no added junk
  2. Less fat gains in the midsection, more lean muscle mass
  3. Can be mixed with anything, including your favourite juices and smoothies
  4. Can be taken at any time of the day, including pre and post-workout shakes
  5. Easily and quickly absorbed in the digestive system
  6. Highest protein content, needing fewer scoops for high amounts of protein per serving
  7. Tastes better than weight gainer protein

Last Word on the Best Mass Gainer for Skinny Guys

Skip the weight gainer protein powders, and stick to pure whey isolate. No one wants to gain fat in the midsections just for the sake of gaining weight. You want to gain lean muscle mass and a ripped physique – the only way to do so is to combine the right workout program with the proper nutrition (and rest). Whey isolate works perfectly to fulfill your protein needs without the unwanted junk of weight gainers.

Happy Muscle Building,

Yous Kas


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Author: Yous Kas
Feature Image: Osseous

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