The Muscle Building Manual (MBM) is a comprehensive guide for hard gainers to build muscle fast, and maintain it for as long as possible. The e-book program, website blog, and one-on-one coaching work in unison to provide the most effective coaching for a trainee to acquire real results. In many ways, the Muscle Building Manual is a way of life for trainees to maintain healthy and muscular bodies.

The Muscle Building Manual combines three elements for optimal experience and results: Physical, Nutritional, and Mental. If one element is lacking, then results are less than optimal.

The Muscle Building Manual challenges outdated and ineffective fitness methodologies and is backed by the latest scientific research on muscle optimization. The field of fitness and muscle building is constantly challenged by new research. The key is to keep what works, discard what doesn’t, and constantly look for improvements.

The Muscle Building Manual is based on the philosophy that the process of muscle development does not have to be long and difficult. Rather, muscle development should be fun, significant, and healthy. Even for hard gainers. 

If the Muscle Building Manual does not prove to be easy and effective for hard gainers, then it has failed its true purpose.


This journey started when a skinny teenage boy started to lift weights for the first time, without a single clue as to how and when to lift. He just wanted to “get big”. Little did he know, that those first years of trial-and-error would prove to be valuable experiences that he can carry forward and build on until eventually figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

My body type is considered the “ectomorph” body type, which is described in Merriam-Webster dictionary as someone “characterized by a lean slender body with slight muscular development.” In other words, a “hard gainer.” The hard gainers of the fitness world have a hard time building muscle and very high metabolism. To make matters worse, they eventually develop belly fat, or what’s often described as being “skinny fat.” This obviously poses a unique challenge for any ectomorph trying to build muscle and get fit at the same time.

During my early years of working out, I embarked on countless workout programs to bulk up as fast as possible. I registered for a number of gym memberships, partnered with other workout enthusiasts, and start pumping iron. I had big dreams of becoming big and athletic!

Only there was one problem: the big dreams were shattered, and the muscles remained small. My hard gainer, ectomorph type of body was proving to be a real challenge. And yes, I ate as much as humanly possible! Eventually I gave up on muscle building altogether but my love for physical training never faded, so I focused instead on other goals, such as strength training and overall athleticism.

Then something funny happened: I started to gain more muscle than I’ve ever gained in my previous muscle building routines. 

But how?

Thankfully, I have an obsession with logging everything I do – and I mean everything! This proved to be instrumental in allowing me to go back and dissect years of personal training data and find out what led me to gaining impressive muscle mass; something I never thought possible for my body type. This gave me the ability to re-design my personal workout routines to be quick, easy, and effective.

Fast forward a number of years, that boy took his love for muscle building and fitness in general and decided to go one step further and become an ACE Certified Personal Trainer.

The Muscle Building Manual (MBM) is the medium through which I hope to convey what I learned to other trainees with similar goals.

If I can do it, then trust me when I say: anybody can.


Let’s be honest; there are tons of training programs out there – each one promising something different. A quick Google search will yield countless possibilities and promises for the average trainee.

The problem is that most of these resources are basic cookie-cutter formulas that are not suitable for the true hard gainers. Most of the advice out there takes a one-size-fits-all approach in trying to address all kinds of body types at once.

The Muscle Building Manual cuts the unnecessary fat (pun intended) and deals with one problem only: muscle building for hard gainers and “skinny fat” body types.


The Muscle Building Manual, through its blog, coaching, and e-books, is tailored specifically for the hard gainers of the fitness world. It does not pretend to solve other problems. If you’re not an ectomorph or a hard gainer, or if you’re just looking to lose weight, then the Muscle Building Manual may not be for you.

If you’re just someone who has a hard time gaining muscle, welcome – you’re in the right place!

-Yous Kas, ACE Certified Personal Trainer 



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