“Not me!” you say? So why are you still following the same cookie-cutter routines?

You’ve probably tried a ton of workout programs, only to give up on all or most of them. Sure, they all promise the same thing: building muscle. But how effective are they? How many times did you give up because of:

No real results?

Injuries and setbacks?

Stalled progress (plateaus)?

Just plain boring routines?

It’s time to drop the old routines that won’t produce results, and follow a custom program designed by a certified personal trainer for your body type!


You’re special, and that’s not just your mother saying it! No seriously, you are. And so is your body! So why keep doing the same thing over and over again if you’re still stuck at the same skinny/fat physique?

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein 

If you’re still stuck following generic routines with no real progress to show for it, then why not try hiring an online personal training coach to help you achieve your goals?


Lose fat and gain muscle as fast and as safely as possible through the guidance and support of a certified online personal trainer.

Stop second-guessing yourself and be confident in the fitness program that you follow because it’s made specifically for your body type and your goals.

Constant feedback from a certified personal trainer to fine-tune your routine and stay on track.

Work together with your personal trainer to delete, add, or replace certain exercises at certain times to maximize results.

Work together with your personal trainer to address any potential problems, discomforts, and uncertainties in your training.

Not sure about something in your training? Ask your personal trainer for quick and informative answers to help pave the way for more results.

Want to try a new exercise but not sure if it’s effective or if you can do it? Let your personal trainer guide you through the process of trying new exercises.

Not sure if you have enough time to do the workouts? Work with your personal trainer to come up with a workout routine that works around your busy lifestyle.

And much much more! 

Proven Results

Several studies have shown that training with a personal trainer yields far better results (i.e. more muscle gains and fat loss) than when training alone. 

Take for example the study conducted in 2000 by The Human Performance Laboratory in Ball State University, which found that “directly supervised, heavy-resistance training in moderately trained men resulted in a greater rate of training load increase and magnitude which resulted in greater maximal strength gains compared with unsupervised training.”

Or the study conducted in 2004 by the School of Leisure, Sport, and Tourism in the University of Technology of Sydney Australia, which concluded that “the direct supervision of resistance training in young athletes results in greater training adherence and increased strength gains than does unsupervised training.”

Simply put, supervised lifters train harder and make more gains than unsupervised lifters.

Your Custom Workouts on a Mobile App

Your customized training program will be available to you on a special mobile app that includes your workout routines, schedules, progress, and even instant messaging with myself, your Online Personal Trainer! Not only this, but the app also includes videos for each of the exercises that are included in your workouts! 


STEP 1: Understand that Online Personal Training is very much a team process, and your success relies heavily on your commitment. I will provide you with all of the tools that you need, but you will need to take those tools and run with them!

STEP 2: Fill out the Online Training Application Form found on this page. This form is our first point of contact and gives both you and myself an idea of what your ultimate goals are and if you’re the right fit for my personal training program.

STEP 3: After I receive your application form, I will e-mail you with my MBM Online Training Welcome Package, which explains everything from how we will communicate, to pricing packages, to how you can access your workout routines on my workout app.

STEP 4: We will complete your crucial Initial Assessment. I will guide you step by step on how to get it done. This is a very important step that allows both you and me to get a much better idea of where you’re at with your fitness, including Body Fat %, Weight, and Body Part Measurements. This will be the key that allows us to unlock your roadmap to losing fat and building maximum muscle! With this, I will create your workout routines.

STEP 5: Let the fun begin! Now that we’ve completed your initial assessment, I will give you access to my workout app that includes everything you need, including your fully customized workout routine, exercise videos, progress tracking, and even messaging. Using this app, you can start you workouts and I can start guiding you on your journey to the best shape of your life! I’m getting excited just talking about it here, so let’s get it!


Welcome to Step One! Fill out the application form so we can get started. Don’t waste any more time, let’s take it step by step to achieve the best body that you’ve always dreamed of!

Important Notes

In the Muscle Building Manual, we don’t just lift weights and perform a random number of exercises until we’re exhausted and can’t lift any more. Everything is done with a purpose. We lift a certain number of weight for a certain number of sets and reps while doing certain exercises. And we do it all in under 60 minutes per session. Remember: train smarter, not harder!

*Results will vary on an individual basis and are not guaranteed. The exact number of pounds of muscle gained during the course of this program will be dependent upon various factors, some of which include your commitment to the Program and your fitness level. The information provided on this website, including but not limited to, text, images, videos and other material are not intended to replace the advice of professional medical advice. As with all health and fitness programs, always consult your physician before adopting any of the suggestions on this website or in the Muscle Building Manual.


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