Not Your Typical Workout Plan

Building muscle should be easy, even for hard gainers! This unique and comprehensive Muscle Building Program is based on the latest scientific research on muscle optimization. Created by an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and a hard gainer himself: Yous Kas. It is designed specifically for hard gainers so you can maximize muscle gains according to your body type. This program works!


A unique, step-by-step, 12-week workout routine designed specifically for hard gainers so you can build muscle fast!


Learn how to lift, how much to lift, and when to lift so you can maximize your muscle gains.


A comprehensive and descriptive list of the best exercises for muscle building so you know exactly what to do!


Learn how to avoid stalled progress (a.k.a. plateaus) so you can build a bigger chest, bigger arms, and a broader back. And yes, bigger legs too!


Diet and nutrition guidelines so you know exactly what to eat and when to eat it for the best results.


Plus much more tips, tricks and guidelines so you can gain a muscular and ripped body as fast as possible.

The Hard Gainer Problem

Being a “hard gainer”, or “ectomorph,” means you have very high metabolism; you don’t get fat, but you also don’t gain muscle easily. Hard gainers are physically characterized as having:

A skinny frame

Flat chest and flat abs

Long skinny arms and legs

Virtually zero body fat (a blessing and a curse!)

“Bony” body structure

Fat Belly (a.k.a. “Skinny Fat”)

Hard gainers and chronically skinny guys will spend countless hours in the gym, try countless supplements, and eat as much as they can and yet gain nothing to show for it – or even worse, they gain fat in the belly area!

Lots of frustrated skinny dudes will say: “I work hard every day. I spend hours in the gym, eat LOTS of food, but nothing happens!” But the questions I ask those guys are: “Great, you work hard… but are you working on the right things? Are you doing the right workout routine for YOUR body type? Are you eating only junk, or are you eating food that will feed your muscles for growth? Are you paying close attention to rest and recovery? Are you overtraining without knowing it? Or maybe you’re not training enough?”

Stop following useless magazine workout routines and start training properly for your body type.

(A big advantage for hard gainers is when they do build muscle, they look ripped instead of bulky… awesome!)

The “Skinny Fat” Problem

Being “skinny fat” means you gain fat in the belly area but not much elsewhere. This is a common phenomenon in hard gainers, as they will often develop a belly and “love handles” while staying relatively skinny everywhere else.

Usually, belly fat is the first to form and the last to go. This is an extremely frustrating state to be in, because losing belly fat while also building muscle can be very challenging. So, how does a “skinny fat” person tackle this dilemma? Do you focus on bulking up to put on muscle, regardless of the belly fat? Or do you cut the belly fat first, regardless of the already-skinny frame? Is it possible to tackle both problems at once?

In the Muscle Building Manual, we pay special attention to this problem and present a well-designed game plan to not only cut the belly fat, but also put on lean muscle mass for optimal muscle building.

Train Smarter, Not Harder!

The 6 most important points we need to address in achieving maximum muscle development are:

  1. Recruit all major muscle motor units
  2. Engage every major muscle group
  3. Stress the muscles just enough to initiate growth
  4. Nourish the muscles with proper nutrition
  5. Give the body the proper recovery required for growth
  6. Do it all in the most efficient way possible

You will need three things:

  1. Commitment
  2. Minimum 12 weeks
  3. The right training program

That’s it! The Muscle Building Manual can provide you with the third point, YOU have to provide yourself with the first two.

As a result, you will gain:

  1. A bigger and shredded upper body*
  2. Bigger legs*
  3. Overall greater strength*

Why Choose MBM?

There are tons of training programs out there – each one promising something different. A quick Google search will yield countless possibilities.

The problem is that most of these resources are basic cookie-cutter formulas that are not suitable for the true hard gainers. Most of the advice out there takes a one-size-fits-all approach.

The Muscle Building Manual cuts the unnecessary fat (pun intended) and deals with one problem only: muscle building for hard gainers.

Fully Digital Program

This is a downloadable e-book program, meaning there are no physical products that need to be shipped to you.

Proven Results

The Muscle Building Manual is based upon years of trial-and-error in determining what works and what doesn’t for the typical “skinny” and “skinny fat” body. It brings together valuable experience and the latest scientific research on muscle building optimization to create a truly ground-breaking program that encompasses all aspects of muscle optimization.

Clients are able to put on pounds of muscle in just 12 weeks because I know exactly what kind of exercises, routines, and nutrition they need. All while having a stubbornly “skinny” or “skinny fat” frame. 

Ready to Build Muscle?

Important Notes

In the Muscle Building Manual, we don’t just lift weights and perform a random number of exercises until we’re exhausted and can’t lift any more. Everything is done with a purpose. We lift a certain number of weight for a certain number of sets and reps while doing certain exercises. And we do it all in under 60 minutes per session. Remember: train smarter, not harder!

*Results will vary on an individual basis and are not guaranteed. The exact number of pounds of muscle gained during the course of this program will be dependent upon various factors, some of which include your commitment to the Program and your fitness level. The information provided on this website, including but not limited to, text, images, videos and other material are not intended to replace the advice of professional medical advice. As with all health and fitness programs, always consult your physician before adopting any of the suggestions on this website or in the Muscle Building Manual.


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